Editor Accepting Chapter Submission for Book on African Americans with Disabilities

Human Services Resource and Publishing Company will be releasing a handbook on African Americans with Disabilities. Ms. Cousear-Peterson indicates that ‘although there is an increase of African Americans with disabilities, very little information and research exists” We are looking for authors who are interested in submitting and contribution to this important book which is expected to be published next Spring in 2008″ Ms. Cousear-Peterson states that the book aims to provide a resource of information on African Americans with disabilities. Recommended topics include but are not limited to, what it means to have a disability, the impact on social life, employment status, barriers to entering the mainstream population, historical information, the cultural of disabilities in the Caribbean, the cultural of disabilities in the African Diaspora, and the nature and severity of the disability. Researchers, educators, practitioners, and writers are invited to submit on or before January 30, 2008, a 2-5 manuscript proposal clearly explaining the mission and concerns of the proposed chapter. Authors of accepted proposals will be notified by February 26, 2008 about the status of their proposal and will be sent organizational guidelines. Full chapters should be submitted by April 1, 2008. Inquiries and submissions can be forward electronically (Word Document, PDF) to hsrtrain @ aol.com

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