“I’m Through With White Girls” Wins Blockbuster Audience Award

“Don’t let the title put you off…Director Jennifer Sharp’s zippy romantic comedy ‘I’m Through With White Girls’… is more clever and less mean than the title might imply,” says Leslie Brokaw of “The Boston Globe”. The film is a quirky romantic comedy that addresses race, class, and cultural identity in America. A story-board artist/sci-fi junkie, Jay Brooks is the only black guy in his indie-rock social scene. After a string of failed relationships with all white women, Jay decides to begin “Operation Brown Sugar” by giving up white women cold-turkey, and trying to find himself a black girlfriend. Since he doesn’t fit the “brotha” stereotype, Jay fails miserably with the “sistahs.” At last Jay meets Catherine, a misunderstood “halfrican-Canadian” and newly published author. Jay realizes Catherine could be the one for him, and suddenly sees that it is his own fear of commitment that has sabotaged his relationships, and not color. “Director Jennifer Sharp handles every detail of the film with great care, allowing at once for a film that’s purely entertaining and also artsy. At the same time, she avoids the stumble of taking the social commentary too seriously,” says Noralil Ryan Fores of “ShortEnd Magazine.” “A lot of the black comedies are mainly for black audiences, and while white people can enjoy them, they’re not really relating to the characters.” Says Jennifer, “What we’ve ended up doing is having these universal characters that whites and blacks relate to as well as people who’ve been outside of boxes their whole lives.” Written by Courtney Lilly (“Arrested Development”, “Everybody Hates Chris”, “My Boys”), the film stars several up and coming actors, including: Anthony Montgomery (“Star Trek: Enterprise”), Ryan Alosio (“Monk”), Lia Johnson (“Judging Amy”), Lamman Rucker (“Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married”), and Kellee Stewart (“Guess Who?”, “My Boys”). In addition to the numerous awards for “I’m Through With White Girls (The Inevitable Undoing of Jay Brooks)”, Sharp also recently received the grand prize at the 2007 IFP Market for her script, “Native Honkeys”, a dramedy about racial divides, honkeys, and family values. “Native Honkeys” explores how the burden of race affects the relationship between a white man and his black daughter. “I’m Through With White Girls (The Inevitable Undoing of Jay Brooks)”, has received the following honors to date:- Best US Feature Film at American Black Film Festival 2007
– Best Narrative Feature Film at Urban Media Film Festival, Atlanta 2007
– Best Narrative Feature Film at the Hollywood Black Film Festival 2007
– Best Romantic Comedy at Houston Worldfest (Platinum Award) 2007
– Audience Award at the Roxbury Film Festival, Boston 2007
– Audience Award at Martha’s Vineyard African American Film Festival 2007
– Audience Award in the Cannes Pan African Film Festival 2007
– Best Actress at the Atlanta International Film Festival 2007
– Nomination for Best Director – First Feature at the Los Angeles Pan African Film Festival 2007The film has also been selected to screen at the 2007 Bahamas International Film Festival, which takes place in Nassau, Bahamas from December 6 – 13.

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