Black TV Talk Shows: People are Talking

Television talk shows have a long history. Talk shows have been broadcast since the earliest days of the medium and are popular across the country. And Black TV talk show hosts have been holding their own. It’s comforting to see Black TV talk show hosts with top-rated shows and interesting content. These hosts are making history themselves.

Whether its previous talk show hosts such as Arsenio Hall, Queen Latifah, or Whoopi Goldberg, we all have fond memories of our favorite talk show hosts who were able to keep people talking. Today’s line-up of current Black TV talk show hosts is no different. From Oprah to Tyra, to Montel and Tavis, people are talking about their enlightening content and esteemed guests.

The Oprah Winfrey Show is the longest running talk show in history. Oprah Winfrey, media mogul, actress, humanitarian and pioneer, talks about issues that matter to the people. Topics ranging from self improvement segments to spiritual uplifting, to food and home, mind and body, and beauty and style provide viewers with some of their best advice. The Oprah Winfrey Show empowers women and men to make better decisions and even fulfills dreams through its wildest dreams tour. With this type of significant influence, Oprah will remain a favorite for sure.

Fairly new on the scene, The Tyra Banks Show is another big hit! From celebrity guest interviews to topical issues such as AIDS, Tyra proves that she can hold her own in the world of talk. The Supermodel, actress and America’s Next Top Model creator is extremely down to earth and personable. She often shares her beauty secrets and advice from her GlamSquad with ease, and makes talk show hosting seem like a breeze.

The Montel Williams Show is yet another talk show that is able to hold its own. Montel Williams, host and executive producer, has earned longevity due to his compassionate nature and overwhelming concern for his guests. His show is entertaining, informative and easy to relate to, focusing on topics ranging from survivor stories and secrets to eliminating debt, to breaking addictions, among other topics. Montel is guaranteed to continue to do well.

A fourth talk show that is holding its own is Tavis Smiley, a 30 minute nightly talk show airing on PBS. According to, the show reaches 92 percent of America’s households and is viewed in 187 countries through American Forces Network. Tavis is one of America’s greatest media personalities and is a renowned author, broadcaster, community advocate and philanthropist. When Tavis talks, people listen!

All of these Black TV talk shows are not only holding their own, but the hosts are doing everything they can to ensure that people are talking. Talking about their interesting topics, talking about their unique style, and talking about the feel-good moments that makes viewers smile.

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