Superbowl Sunday Advertisers Acknowledge Diversity And Inclusion

Superbowl 2007 ads had everything one could expect…creativity, suprises, and great concepts. This year many advertisers also chose to highlight diversity in their imagery acknowledging both Black History Month and the fact that the game itself was historical in its own right since two African Americans were at the helm of both teams. focuses in on those superbowl ads that celebrated diversity and inclusion in its advertising round up…

#6 T-Mobile My Favs

Probably the most powerful black targeted commercial that has been seen in recent times. The Frito Lay ‘Fans’ spot receives our number one vote. In this spot, Frito Lay acknowledges how special Super Bowl Sunday is for American history. It shows images of African American fans of all ages watching the game. The commercial starts to build more and more with a sense of pride the viewers have in the achievement of the two coaches (being the first two African American coaches in a Superbowl game). The spot ends with a grandfather looking down at his grandson in a way of satisfaction that the world is changing. He knows that his grandson has many more doors open to him than he had as a youth. His eyes said it all in a very powerful way. Bravo to this actor and bravo to Frito Lay and their agency for producing this well resonating spot. Our email box was flooded from members who loved this commercial.


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