Sprite Launches Search for LeBron James’ Theme Song at LeBron23-23.com

Think you’ve got what it takes to mix the winning music and beats to match LeBron James’ distinct take on Sprite’s subLYMONal ad campaign? Starting this week at http://www.LeBron23-23.com, one musically astute Sprite drinker will win the chance to do just that as part of Sprite’s nationwide search for LeBron’s theme song.

The subLYMONal campaign has given Sprite an arresting, direct way to speak to people and cut through the monotony of ordinary advertising,” said Scott Hargrove, Brand Director, Sprite, Coca-Cola North America. “In 2007, we are taking it to the next level with new advertising and a one-of-a-kind promotion. In his latest Sprite ad, ‘subLYMONal at Home,’ LeBron shows us his unique take on subLYMONal. Sprite drinkers will be able to put their own musical stamp on the campaign and help create an exclusive theme song for LeBron by taking part in the new LeBron23-23 promotion.”

The LeBron23-23 promotion will unfold over several phases. From January 1 through 22, consumers can enter codes found under the caps of specially marked 20-oz bottles of Sprite and Sprite Zero at LeBron23-23.com for the opportunity to create their own mix, which could become the score for LeBron’s theme song.

“To have a theme song created by the fans of Sprite and the NBA is a real honor. The online world offers so many new and exciting ways for all of us to communicate and express ourselves,” said LeBron James. “LeBron 23-23.com will produce some great tracks and I am really looking forward to listening to and judging the best songs.”

During NBA All Star 2007 in Las Vegas, LeBron and Sprite will host an exclusive event at the Bellagio Hotel to unveil the new ad, announce the three finalists and debut their soundtracks for the ad. On February 17, three different versions of LeBron’s new ad, “subLYMONal at Home,” each showcasing one of the finalist tracks, will debut on All-Star 2007 television programming. Viewers will be prompted to vote on their favorite track via text message or online at LeBron23-23.com between February 17 and March 2.

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