Verizon Celebrates African American Legacy With Common and Jamie Foxx at CBC Weekend Gala

Thousands of Verizon customers along with company executives, celebrities and dignitaries partied in style at Verizon’s “Realize the experience” soiree on September 8, at LOVE. This is the second year that Verizon has sponsored a gala during Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) weekend, which was attended by business leaders, civic and Greek-letter organization heads, CBC members and the media.

Pictured above: (L-R) Jamie Foxx, Jerri DeVard, senior vice president, Marketing and Brand Management for Verizon, Foxx’s manager, Rosario Dawson, Common and Jeff McFarland, director of multicultural marketing for Verizon, enjoy the festivities at Verizon’s gala during CBC weekend. (PRNewsFoto/Verizon Communications Inc.)

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