Hollywood Celebrities Super-Freaked Over Rick James Tell-All Docu-Pic

HiddenDoor Documedia announced some of the names of celebrities involved in the big screen documentary “I’m Rick James.”

“I’m Rick James” reveals the behind-the-scenes life of the music legend and his love of partying. Many big names are purportedly on board to reveal their wild exploits with James. Some celebrities may be warned to prepare their alibis now. According to Janice Dickinson, whose interview is “in the can,” Rick’s all-nighters with celebrities in Studio 54’s VIP room are notorious. She also claims James’ penchant for women was as legendary as his music. Stories of James staying up late with Tatum O’Neal, Elisabeth Shue, Linda Blair, Prince, Mick Jagger, Rod Stewart and Eddie Murphy are on the buzz list. And there’s a tale of a wild car ride with Rick and a Hollywood star on Park Avenue that ended in a crash. Rick’s security guard allegedly took the blame while Rick and his celebrity pal drove away in another vehicle.

Producer Perry Santos, of HiddenDoor Documedia, claims it’s a snapshot of history: “The eighties were a party era. Everyone was living large. It just happens to be the era of Rick James. You can’t tell the story of Rick without conveying the historical context.” Santos explains that there are many dimensions of Rick, like his overwhelming generosity, the genesis of his musical talent and his fascination with religion. In fact, Santos says, Rick was also something of a revolutionary, and his battles with the establishment are as legendary as his party lifestyle. The film will weave the facts and stories of his life into a gripping narrative no one will want to miss, especially the celebrities who lived it all with Rick.

The film is being co-produced by the star’s daughter, Ty James, who shares her memories and offers commentary. Also look for commentary from current artists like Dave Chappelle, Charlie Murphy, Busta Rhymes, and Snoop Dogg. A soundtrack of well-known and previously unreleased musical tracks is also in the works.

James died in August 2004. Just two months before, he talked about making a film of his life: “My life has not been a total comedy, I’m sorry. But there’s been some tragedy here too, you know. It’s got a lot of stuff in it. It’s basically drugs, sex, funk’n’roll.”

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