Movie Depicting Jesus As Black Aims To Unite Blacks And Jews

“Color of the Cross,” a Nu-Lite Entertainment production, is an independent, biblically charged religious biopic based on the last 48 hours of Christ’s life and stands to be the most controversial depiction of Jesus to date. In this gripping, two-hour epic, Jesus is portrayed as a black Jew. This retelling of the biblical story from a black perspective seeks to repair the anti-Semitism that has been associated with the story of Christ.

The inclusion of Black Jews during Passover in the film makes a clear statement toward the shared history of African and the Middle Eastern cultures without being offensive. Unlike “Passion of the Christ,” “Color of the Cross” chose not to focus on the bloody torture of Christ’s crucifixion. Instead the film focuses on the human pain and suffering that Christ, the Disciples, and Christ’s family endured. “Color of the Cross” reaches across a cultural divide to inspire and challenge its viewers intellectually.

According to the film’s director, Jean Claude LaMarre, “To watch a black man on screen, being referred to as rabbi, or to see him partaking in a Seder meal and observing Passover really blurs the lines that divide blacks and Jews in this country. We are part of the same history.” “Color of the Cross” seeks to stimulate and awaken peace and unity between all races of people.

Recent programs such as the History Channel’s “Warriors of the Bible” clearly shows the diversity of cultures as they existed in the geographical region where the Bible stories occurred. And like many of the recent programs flooding the media such as the Book of Judas, Ron Howard’s “The Da Vinci Code,” etc, “Color of the Cross” also bases its story not just on scriptural interpretation but other historical data with many interpretations pointing to the fact that Christ very well may have been dark skinned.

The film will have a theatrical release in October 2006. Revealing clips and exclusive information can be found at:

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