MSN & FX Team Up To Provide Viewing of ‘Black. White.’ Series Premiere on Demand

MSN is giving folks who missed the first installment of FX’s controversial new series “Black. White.” a chance to see what this daring social experiment is all about. MSN has been given the rights to stream the first hour in its entirety, commercial-free. It is available today at .

“Black. White.” examines race with an extraordinary approach by putting new faces on the Sparks family, an African-American family, and the Wurgel family, a Caucasian family. Through the transformative power of makeup, the Wurgel family (Carmen Wurgel, her daughter Rose Bloomfield, and Carmen’s boyfriend Bruno Marcotulli) become black, and the Sparks family (Brian, Renee and Nick) become white. The two families shared a home in Tarzana, Calif., for the duration of the six-week production, which wrapped last summer. Cameras followed each family member as they went about their daily routines throughout Southern California. The series is executive produced by RJ Cutler (“The War Room,” “American High”), Ice Cube (“Barbershop,” “Are We There Yet?”) and Matt Alvarez.

“MSN(R) Video brings content from the best sources in the entertainment industry to millions of people every day,” said Rob Bennett, general manager of entertainment and video services for MSN. “FX is known for its roster of cutting-edge television series and movies, and we are thrilled that it chose MSN as the online destination for ‘Black. White.’ Offering unique content like this is what makes MSN a leading destination for online entertainment.”

The FX series debuts at a time when race relations continues to be a hot-button issue for many Americans. The racial tensions that have resulted from Hurricane Katrina’s disproportionate hit on African-American communities continues to make headlines, while “Crash,” a gripping story of race-based clashes in Los Angeles, just won the Oscar for Best Picture. Now consumers can visit MSN Video and take an active role in determining if this show is a cultural hit.

“Partnering with MSN gives ‘Black. White.’ enthusiasts the chance to see the show again and allows FX to reach more potential fans,” said Stephanie Gibbons, executive vice president of Marketing and Promotions at FX. “The high quality online video found on MSN and interactive community tools like MSN Spaces and MSN Messenger give FX viewers a unique opportunity to developer deeper connections with the show and with the issues it presents.”

Via PRNewswire-FirstCall

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