Queen Latifah Announces Winner of National Women’s Confidence Awards

Shown above: In this handout photo from VF Intimates, Yvonne Pointer, left, of Cleveland, Oh., the recipient of the first annual Curvation Project Confidence Awards is all smiles as Queen Latifah, right, comforts Angelique Seals, Pointer’s nominator, who was overcome by emotion, New York, Tuesday, Feb 21, 2006. Pointer received a grant towards her non-profit, Positive Plus, a woman’s self-help group, which was inspired by the abduction, rape and homicide of her fourteen year old daughter Gloria over 20 years ago.

The Curvation(R) Project Confidence Awards are part of Curvation(R) Project Confidence, which includes Curvatio (R) Nation, an online community where women who have embraced the power of confidence can inspire and share their ideas with an ever-widening community. For more information, women can log onto Curvation(R) Nation at http://www.curvation.com.

(PRNewsFoto/VF Intimates,STUART RAMSON)

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