African American Tradition Uniquely Honored Through Miniature Hats

The tradition of African-American women wearing fine hats goes back generations. Drawing from the Bible, which refers to the importance of a woman covering her head at worship, a woman’s hat, often referred to as her “crown,” evolved from being a statement of spiritual faith to also making a statement of an African-American woman’s arrival to the fullness of who she has become.

To recognize, share, and honor this tradition, Harriet Rosebud has created a series of miniature hats called “Rosebud, hats to hold on to,” which are offered through Sandy USA, Inc. and available in retail outlets nationwide. Each miniature is an authentic re-creation of one of Harriet Rosebud’s full-size hats, with its own name and story; stories similar to the experiences of so many women and their hats. As Ms. Rosebud states, “We have marched in them, we ‘sat-in’ in them and we worship in them. They are our hats to hold on to.”

Consumers have enthusiastically embraced the Rosebud miniatures in a big way, which are presented on a mannequin head (6 inches tall) and in a hat box appropriately adorned with a rosebud in honor of its designer. With a suggested retail price range of $17.50 to $27.50, consumers have found “Rosebud, hats to hold on to” miniatures are an unique way to pay tribute to the generations of African-American women who have kept this tradition alive.

“Rosebud, hats to hold on to” are available at fine retailers nationwide or call 800-607-2639 for a retailer near you.

Via PRNewswire

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