New Book ‘How to Find a Good Black Man’ Addresses The Concerns Of Black Women

The book, How to Find a Good Black Man, says that by the age of 30, eighty one percent of white women have been married, but only 52 percent of black women. By age 35, there are 200,000 more black women than black men. Gary, Indiana, author, Theo McClendon, speaks to this crisis among black women.

“Finding a suitable mate is a primary function of life, but black women as a whole, aren’t nice enough to keep a man,” McClendon says.

With the large number of Black women in the United States, there is finally a book to address the concerns of how they can find a mate.

Numbers alone don’t tell the whole story. Many eligible black males are incarcerated, unemployed, on drugs, or gay, the author points out. He discovered that only one of 30 students in his daughter’s eighth grade class lived in a two-parent household.

A single parent, McClendon also feels that black women offer harsh treatment while dating, often carrying baggage from past relationship failures. The book gives women a guide on how to attract and treat black men. He also advises women to, “beware of the man who flaunts material items just to take advantage.”

The book’s contents include,

* Fooled by Appearances,
* Secretly, You Want a Dog,
* Why Black Men Prefer White Women, and
* The 10 Most Interesting Places to Meet Good Men.

The book teaches women how to avoid bad men. It also encourages ladies to dress up, pay for your own dinners, attend sporting events, and to not wear a ring on the left ring finger.

Before searching for a good man, a woman must first know herself. The author says, “inner focus is key. Ask him the hard questions on the first date.”

‘How to Find a Good Black Man,’ ($8.95 is currently in bookstores including Barnes and Noble and The author’s 10-city tour starts in March.

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