African-American Owned Energy Firm Celebrates 20 Years in Business

CAMAC International Corporation, a global energy corporation and the largest African-American energy business in the United States, is celebrating its 20th anniversary in business in 2006. CAMAC International Corporation evolved from a business start-up into a multi-national with revenues of over 1 billion dollars.

A key to CAMAC’s early success was in partnering exploration, development and acquisition projects in offshore West Africa. As a value-added partner to several multi-national corporations, CAMAC experienced phenomenal growth and was directly involved in securing petroleum investments valued at more than $1.4 billion dollars. CAMAC’s partnership agreements assisted with the entry of Conoco in 1991, Statoil, the state oil company of Norway in 1993, and the re-entry of British Petroleum (BP) in 1993 into offshore Nigeria.

Today, CAMAC International Corporation and its affiliated group of companies are engaged in principal business activities that include the exploration, production, and the physical trading of crude oil for markets in Africa and Europe and the wholesale trading of electric power and natural gas in the United States. In addition, CAMAC through its South African affiliate provides the first ever, curb-to-curb school bus transportation services for students in Johannesburg.

“I am extremely proud of our former and current board members and the entire staff of CAMAC International Corporation and CAMAC affiliate companies worldwide for their dedication in making 20 years of CAMAC business possible,” Dr. Kase L. Lawal, chairman and chief executive officer, said.

He added, “CAMAC has also demonstrated strong fiscal transparency and has conducted its worldwide operations with integrity wherever the search for energy resources has taken the corporation. Our commitment to academic achievement and human development, whether through business empowerment or arts and education programs, encourages the growth of citizens and communities worldwide,” Lawal said.

Via PRNewswire

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