Adidas Celebrates ‘What’s Inside’ of Kevin Garnett in New Global Campaign

Adidas announced today the launch of a new global basketball campaign highlighting eight-time All-Star forward Kevin Garnett and his latest adidas signature shoe, the a3 Garnett ’06. The “What’s Inside” campaign will debut globally on television beginning January 6th, 2006 and on The “What’s Inside” campaign was developed by adidas’ global advertising partner TBWAChiatDay San Francisco, part of the 180TBWA alliance.

The strategy behind this highly integrated global brand campaign is to celebrate the different characteristics that make up who Kevin Garnett really is. Garnett is arguably the best players in the game and one of the biggest personalities in basketball. His ability to show incredible determination and leadership on the court, as well as being animated and having a sense of humor, is what makes him such an exceptional player and the most unique athlete in sports today.

“KG offers something special and the idea of ‘What’s Inside’ was tailor made for him. We tapped into the heart and strength of Kevin Garnett in 2004 when we showed masses of people climbing onto his back in ‘Carry.’ This time we wanted to tell an equally impactful story, with just as much truth,” stated Uli Becker, Head of Global Brand Communications for adidas. “KG brings more than anyone else to the court every night. He’s a leader, a nightly highlight reel, a joker, a battler, a kid and a player who loves the game; he’s all these things every time he checks into the game and touches the ball.”

“What’s Inside” works as a metaphor for all of the different parts of Kevin’s personality that are displayed on the basketball court: The field general scenario alludes to his leadership on the court and how he is able to lead both by words and actions. The action hero symbolizes Kevin’s ability and willingness to step up when it counts most and to do whatever it takes to get his team the win. The scene where Kevin is a child on a playground is an allegory for how he plays the game of basketball with youthful exuberance. The gladiator is a reflection of how hard he works and the heart and intensity he brings to the game. Lastly, the comedian is a nod to his incredible personality and sense of humor.

Directed by Noam Murro (who also directed Kevin’s last adidas commercial “Carry”), “What’s Inside” was shot completely on two soundstages — on some of the largest sets ever used in a commercial production. Everything Kevin interacts with physically in each scene was captured on camera: explosions in the first scene, the playground equipment, him opposing other gladiators in the ring of battle, the stage and audience of the comedy club. The commercial was shot against blue screen and then added the painterly backdrops, effects, and transitions between the different personalities.

Since each character represents a part of Kevin, the intention was to create a representational view of all the different aspects of KG’s game and personality, culminating where they all come together — on the basketball court. A world was created that exists somewhere between a surreal dream and elaborate stage play.

The transitions were created to allow each personality to exist and express itself in its own world, while connecting gracefully to the next. Each transition was captured in many different ways: the first transition, from the battlefield to the rooftop, was shot in camera, the sets sitting side-by-side. The second transition, from rooftop to the schoolyard, was an assembly of two shots. The playground curtain was created entirely in computer graphics. And the last two were simple compilations, pieced together by the editor and effects team.

The metaphor for “What’s Inside” Garnett’s personalities is carried over into print where the idea is illustrated visually by putting the five different personalities of Kevin used in the television spot all together along the press table, ready to check into a game. Print will begin to appear in a number of publications globally beginning in January. The campaign will also be supported by point-of-sale, public relations and online executions.

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