Black Enterprise January Issue Features Hot Opportunities for Young Entrepreneurs

Whether in the business of car customization or preparing candidates for college admission, young black entrepreneurs are turning trends into profits.

“Hot Opportunities for Young Entrepreneurs,” is the January cover story of Black Enterprise (be) magazine. It profiles a number of dynamic young professionals who are creating some of the most innovative new enterprises in the country.

“A combination of smart ideas and popular market trends will make a number of businesses boom in 2006,” says BE Technology/Small Business Editor James C. Johnson. “These smart upstarts have the talent for recognizing market opportunities and possess the zeal to turn them into lucrative businesses.”

Included are cover subjects Hassan and Hussein Iddrissu, who combined their ideas with a hot consumer trend-car customization-resulting in one of the most sought after automobile detailing shops in Los Angeles.

Additional growth is anticipated in numerous sectors including lifestyle-management services; mobile technology; security and privacy; home entertainment; and health and wellness. Entrepreneurs who take advantage of these hot consumer trends today may find themselves poised for big profits tomorrow. (Pg. 82)

With increased energy costs, higher interest rates, and stagnating wages, it’s more important than ever to start 2006 with a solid financial plan. In “Smart Money Moves for the New Year,” BE Personal Finance Editor Matthew S. Scott offers an immediate strategy for saving, investing, and increasing net worth.

From tips on taxes to insurance and estate planning, there are a range of actions that, when put in place, can move financial fortunes forward. Whether you’re an entrepreneur with a startup, a seasoned investor, or an individual with a limited income, following this advice now can help maximize monetary gains for the upcoming year. (Pg. 88)

“Buy Property Early” provides the fundamentals on how to begin, build, and capitalize on a realty portfolio. (Pg.

“Profiles in Courage” profiles Detroit jewelry designer Donna Sadler, entrepreneur Nadine Thompson, and tennis pro James Blake. Their stories are lessons on how to triumph in the face of crisis. (Pg. 74)

The January issue of black enterprise is available on newsstands now.

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