Basketball Great Shaquille O’Neal Joins A New Team

Three-time NBA champion Shaquille O’Neal has joined a new team to help curb the obesity epidemic and get kids fit while groovin’ to the sounds, the moves, the comedic overtones and serious undertones of “The JammX Kids,” it was announced today by Merv Adelson, Chairman, Lightforce Entertainment, parent company for “The JammX Kids” brand.

Shaq will help entice kids into getting active, eating smart and growing up well, through his participation in the “The JammX Kids”‘ upcoming action-motivating DVD series, two network television specials, music video, public appearances and PSAs.

“Shaq is an extraordinary role model, a noted children’s advocate and a fervent believer in fitness,” said Adelson. “He is truly the perfect ‘power center’ for our team and our strategy. Between Shaq and Randy Jackson, there is no better combination to help us get kids inspired to get off the couch and get movin’.”

“`The JammX Kids’ are head of the class in talent,” said O’Neal, “but I was most impressed by how they have chosen to use that talent — to help their peers get active and healthy. And one thing I know for sure, the more kids have fun with exercise, the more they will do it. `The JammX Kids’ make it fun.”

“The JammX Kids” made-for-DVD series, distributed by Warner Home Video, will launch on March 21, 2006. The DVD series will be preceded by two television specials broadcast on Kids’ WB! in March 2006, supported by numerous live performances throughout the U.S., and will coincide with the release of their first CD and music video.

Since dancing can burn as many calories as swimming, running, playing soccer or riding a bike…a perfect antidote to the current crisis is — “The JammX Kids” — an exciting hip hop troop of nine multi-cultural, multi-talented kids helping kids build self-esteem and healthy, active lifestyles through comedy, drama, song and dance.

Taking “The JammX Kids” to the next level musically is America’s top judge of talent, Randy Jackson, who serves as executive producer of music for “The JammX Kids.” “I know potential when I see it! `The JammX Kids’ have the talent and energy to break through. These kids will be making great impact for years to come,” says Jackson.

New technology has changed our lifestyle…and not all of it is for the better. Kids have become more inactive then any other time in our history. Active playtime has been replaced with sedentary activity. According to research studies, kids 6 to 18 are consuming media from 6 to 7 1/2 hours per day — on average. The experts warn that if the rise in obesity continues unabated, for the first time in history, today’s kids will be the first generation that won’t live longer than their parents. Obesity not only threatens to reduce life expectancy by five years, but also is about to surpass tobacco as the leading cause of preventable death.

But, this trend can be reversed with some fundamental lifestyle adjustments. The basic preventive strategy for helping kids maintain a healthy weight is to improve food choices and get out and be active.

Via Business Wire

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