Death Row Inmate, Stanley ‘Tookie’ Williams Tells his Story

Stanley “Tookie” Williams, cofounder of the notorious Crips gang, has been living on death row since 1981 and his death sentence, by lethal injection, is scheduled to take place on December 13, 2005. It is yet to be decided whether California Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, will grant Williams clemency — a closed hearing is scheduled for December 8th.

Williams tells his story in LIFE IN PRISON, a book aimed at children ages eight to twelve, in an effort to discourage kids from joining gangs and slipping into the life of crime and violence.

“The true stories I’ve written in this book are my living nightmares. My greatest hope is that the lessons these stories offer will help [kids] make better choices than I did,” states Stanley “Tookie” Williams.

Since his incarceration in 1981, Williams has dedicated his life to ending gang warfare, an endeavor that has earned him a 2001 Nobel Peace Prize nomination. In LIFE IN PRISON, Williams speaks out about the brutal reality of prison life in a blunt, riveting account of day-to-day life behind bars, from the humiliation of strip searches to being locked in solitary confinement. Here is a look at death row from the inside — a frank challenge to adolescent readers to educate themselves, make intelligent decisions, and above all, not to follow in Williams’s footsteps.

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