Former Executive Releases Book On Workplace Diversity

Peter Miller, president of PMA Literary and Film Management, Incorporated, is pleased to announce the placement of ‘Results Without Excuses: Using Diversity to Grow Your Business’ by Joe Watson, with Phil Revzin, senior editor at St. Martin’s Press.

The book is scheduled for hardcover publication — Fall/Winter 2006.

America is becoming more diverse every year, and as companies compete globally, business must adapt or perish. Results Without Excuses is a must-have blueprint for companies attempting to respond to a new global culture.

Watson’s book outlines not only how businesses can change their workplace homogeneity, but why they must. By 2008, the combined buying power of people of color is expected to exceed 1.5 trillion dollars. Businesses selling everything from applesauce to Zoloft will want to take advantage of the changing market to stay ahead of their competitors.

In Results Without Excuses, Joe Watson argues that executives who fail to take advantage of diversity will be overtaken by those who do.

With clarity, wit, and the encouraging tone of the powerful motivational speaker that he is, Joe Watson politely but convincingly demolishes excuses that prevent companies from finding the multicultural staff they all say they are searching for. Results Without Excuses is not an angry rant against corporate racism, nor is it a politically correct waltz around the issues, but rather a step-by-step prescription for a logical diversity plan.

Joe Watson is a former executive with the Eastman Kodak Company, Gartner Group and Robert Half International. He founded StrategicHire in 1999; it is now one of the nation’s leading boutique executive search companies. Joe Watson is currently CEO of the Watson Engagement Group. WEG properties have a mission to bring Watson’s passion for business excellence and personal growth to the masses by disrupting convention and challenging the imagination to embrace the power of bold ideas.

Joe has been featured in publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Business 2.0, Fast Company, USA Today, The Washington Post, Chronicle of Philanthropy and US Banker.

Watson has also provided guidance to Black Enterprise, National Association of Investment Companies, National Black MBA Association and the Conference of Minority Public Administrators.

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