Verizon “Realize” Multicultural Campaign Rewards Minority Entreprenuer

Dream254: The Verizon Incubator came to an end last week as Philadelphia resident and entrepreneur, Addye Joy Durant, realized her dream when she launched JOYFANTASTIC Design. Durant fine-tuned her graphic-art and product-design firm while living in a Philadelphia storefront. During her 21-day journey, she had to rely solely on Verizon telecommunications services and computer technology to meet her basic needs and acquire the necessary tools to make her entrepreneurial passion a

For completing the 21-day challenge Durant (pictured second from right) was presented a $10,000 check from Clint Arnold, director of business partnership channel for Verizon’s Retail Markets. In addition to the $10,000, Durant also received a Verizon Realize print-advertising contract. Shown in the photo with Durant are Clint Arnold, who also served as the Incubator Taskmaster, Penni Owens and Danielle Young, both senior managers for Verizon’s multicultural marketing group.

via PRNewswire

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