PHEAA Partners With Black Achievers Program

PHEAA announced today that it is partnering with the Black Achievers Program, offered through the Camp Curtin Branch of the Harrisburg Area YMCA, to develop students, grades seven through twelve, to be successful in the workforce.

The Black Achievers Program was founded in 1971 at New York City’s Harlem YMCA to help young African Americans develop a positive sense of self and to set high education and career goals.

A scheduled series of classes and educational events, based on grade levels, provides students with the information they need to evaluate career options, make college choices and understand the expectations of the workplace.

PHEAA will provide instructors for the program’s Saturday classes, held at Harrisburg Area Community College, on a variety of subjects including resume writing, presentation skills, and affording college education. The Agency will also provide job-shadowing opportunities, internships for high school and college students, and mentoring for student interns. This program, as with all of PHEAA’s programs and services, is accomplished with PHEAA’s business earnings – at no cost to taxpayers.

“To date the Black Achievers Program has accomplished incredible success,” said Dick Willey, AES President and CEO. “A notable number of participants are completing the program, then going on to postsecondary schooling. They need guidance with regards to preparing for college and funding their tuition, which we’re happy to provide. We look forward to continued success with this program – it is so important for today’s young people to better themselves and focus on achieving success in life.”

Students register to participate in the Black Achievers Program by contacting the Camp Curtin Branch of the Harrisburg Area YMCA. Although the program is conducted on the first and third Saturday of every month throughout the current academic year, it is designed for continuous learning. Many of the participants begin the program in the seventh grade and attend every year until graduation.

Via PRNewswire

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