TV Land Launches 70’s Comedy What’s Happening

Dust off your bell-bottoms and bright-colored suspenders and get ready to laugh when TV Land launches one of the coolest comedies of the 1970s — What’s Happening!! — on Saturday, November 5. Join Raj, Dwayne, Rerun, Dee, & Shirley for a 48-hour marathon beginning 6 a.m. (ET/PT) as they go through the trials and tribulations of life in Los Angeles. In addition, special bonus episodes of What’s Happening Now!! — the series sequel which gave viewers a peek into how the gang turned out as they reached adulthood — will also air both nights during the marathon from 3am-6am. What’s Happening!! will air in its regularly scheduled timeslot of 11:00 P.M. every night beginning Monday, November 7th.

“What’s Happening is truly one of the most memorable shows from the 1970s,” states Larry W. Jones, President, TV Land and Nick at Nite. “The crazy antics of Raj, Dwayne and Rerun always provided comic relief, but most importantly, it was a sitcom rooted in family and friendship.”

Initially planned to be a summer replacement show, What’s Happening!! premiered on ABC in 1976. The show centers around three buddies growing up in Los Angeles who have a habit of getting into mischief and trying to find ways of getting rich quick. Raj (Ernest Thomas) was the studious dreamer, who wanted to be a writer; Rerun, (Fred Berry) was the happy, overweight clown who often wound up with his foot in his mouth and Dwayne (Haywood Nelson), was the shy tag-along, who was always striving to be “cool.” When they weren’t involved in some escapade, the three could be found hanging out at Rob’s, a diner near their school, with Shirley (Shirley Hemphill) the waitress and friend. Family conflicts usually arose when Raj clashed with his no-nonsense Mama Thomas (Mabel King) who worked as a maid, and his sister Dee (Danielle Spencer).

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