B.B. King Tells How He Avoids the Diabetes Blues

He turned 80 years of age on September 16, 2005. He tests his blood sugar every day. He is on a strict medication regimen. He tours eight months out of the year. And, he is an American icon.

B.B. King — also known as the King of the Blues — is not your typical type 2 diabetic. He uses the same work ethic that made him a music legend to stay in the best possible health. And he does all of this while maintaining a tour schedule that would be considered grueling for a musician one-quarter his age.

In commemoration of National Diabetes Month, Diabetes Health magazine caught up with B.B King and he shared his secrets for staying at the top of the music and diabetes game.

Diagnosed 25 years ago, Mr. King says that, at first, he didn’t expect to live very long.

“I didn’t know much about diabetes,” says King, whose parents both died from the disease’s complications.

However, after reading as much as he can about diabetes and discovering he could control it by testing and taking medications, King began to develop more confidence.

While touring almost constantly, King follows his doctor’s orders for taking his medications, testing his blood sugar and maintaining a healthy diet.

“I try to eat vegetables quite often, and not too many fattening foods,” says King.

King marvels at the technological innovations he has seen over the years that make controlling diabetes as easy as possible.

“I used to have to [test my blood sugar] the old way,” he says. “It was like taking a shovel and digging into my hand. Not today, it’s quick and before you know it you have your [blood sugar] reading.”

For National Diabetes Month, King stresses the importance of diabetes management.

“Make sure you check your blood sugar and see your doctor. Try your best to go with the diet you’re given — and don’t cheat by eating foods or quantities you’re not supposed to.”

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