DaimlerChrysler And NABOB Award Fellowships

DaimlerChrysler and NABOB Award Fellowships that Lead to Minority Media Ownership. From left to right: Pierre Sutton, Chairman of NABOB; Curtrise Garner, DaimlerChrysler Public Relations Manager, Plant Relations and Community Affairs; Bartt Horton, NABOB DaimlerChrysler Management Fellow; Alexis Snipe-Campbell, NABOB DaimlerChrysler Management Fellow; James Winsont, NABOB Executive Director and General Counsel.

DaimlerChrysler and the National Association of Black Owned Broadcasters (NABOB) recently named Alexis Snipe Campbell and Bartt Horton as the first fellows to participate in the NABOB DaimlerChrysler Management Fellowship, a two-year initiative designed to foster the development of African-Americans and other minorities who have the talent and the desire to be station owners. “We are pleased and honored to welcome Ms. Snipe-Campbell and Mr. Horton into the first class of NABOB DaimlerChrysler Management Fellows,” said Jason Vines, DaimlerChrysler Vice President-Communications. “We believe this fellowship will provide a challenging and enlightening experience for minorities seeking advancement in the communications industry.”

The NABOB DaimlerChrysler Management Fellowship is offered through DaimlerChrysler’s Leadership in Diversity and Communications Program, or LIDAC, a far-reaching educational program established by the automaker designed to increase the number of minorities in executive leadership positions in the communications industry.

Specifically, DaimlerChrysler has committed $50,000 to sponsor two fellowships through NABOB, intended to put minorities on the track to broadcast media ownership.

Via PRNewswire-FirstCall

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