Lebron James Teams With POWERADE

NASCAR star Bobby Labonte holds nothing back as he challenges basketball icon LeBron James for position in racing simulators at the Bristol Motor Speedway on Saturday. The two sports icons joined forces at Saturday’s Sharpie 500 in Bristol to unleash a custom No. 18 LeBron James/POWER ade FLAVA23 Chevrolet that Labonte drove in the race. FLAVA23 is the new line in the popular sports drink which James helped create.

The new version of the POWERADE FLAVA23 line is the second installment of the limited edition sports drink that James helped develop. His input is evident in every detail of the new beverage — from the SourMelon flavor profile to the color and stylized packaging.

Bringing James and FLAVA23 to the track is just one of the many ways POWERADE is driving awareness of the new SourMelon flavor. In addition to the special race car, POWERADE has again teamed up with DC Comics to create a new installment of the comic series about LeBron entitled “King James,” which will be available in both print and online versions.

Via PR Newswire Photo Service

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