‘Judge Hatchett’ Series Airs Powerful 9/11 Tribute on September 12th

On Monday, September 12, 2005, a touching tribute to the thousands of 9/11 victims survived by impressionable teenagers will be televised, when Sony Pictures Television’s syndicated courtroom series “Judge Hatchett” airs a compelling intervention between two teens at Ground Zero. (Check local listings for station and time).

When an angry teenager, Ashley Wilson of Atlanta, Georgia, was brought before Judge Glenda Hatchett’s bench, the Judge employed the help of brave 16-year-old Melody Salcedo to facilitate a crucial 9/11 intervention. Melody has slowly begun to put the pieces of her life back together after the tragic loss of her beloved father, Esmerlin Salcedo, who perished in the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center. Embodying the spirit of survival, Melody, who refers to herself as “daddy’s girl,” has turned the loss of her father, a security guard who managed the elevators in the South Tower, into an important lesson for other teens in communicating with and appreciating their parents. She explains that her father was her “hero,” because he died trying to save others. The NY Times reported, “Esmerlin Salcedo’s co-worker, Roselyn Braud, praised him for leading her to safety before disappearing back into the building to help others.”

After hearing about Ashley Wilson’s “explosive” anger problem — she hates her parents and wants to be adopted by another family — Judge Hatchett executes her trademark brand of creative sentencing by pairing Ashley with Melody at Ground Zero.

“This episode of ‘Judge Hatchett’ not only honors those who perished on 9/11, but it illustrates the strength of their surviving children who in turn became victims of the terrorist attacks,” commented Executive Producer Michael Rourke. “Each year, we produce a variety of hard-hitting, socially relevant teenage interventions, and this episode is indicative of the depth, breadth and caliber of the interventions that viewers can expect to see during our sixth season.”

Melody explains to Ashley the absolute loss she feels every day since her father’s untimely death, and reminds Ashley that she should appreciate what she has — concerned, loving parents. Melody’s young words of wisdom do not fall on deaf ears. Upon her return to the courtroom from Ground Zero, Ashley shows remorse for her bad behavior and expresses her gratitude to Judge Hatchett, and especially to Melody, for the emotional 9/11 intervention.

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