Superstar Rapper And Host Xzibit Headline Celebrity Car’s Summer Issue

Focusing its automotive lens on the ultimate automotive lifestyles, Celebrity car magazine, published by duPont Publishing, Inc., reveals the hottest celebrity rides and accessories as well as gives readers an in-depth look into the hottest trends among celebrity car lovers. The Summer 2005 issue, on newsstands now, profiles a cross-section of American superstars highlighted by MTV’s Pimp My Ride host Xzibit. From his roots in the Motor City to his pop culture status on MTV, one characteristic has remained constant in Xzibit’s life, his passion for cars.

While Pimp My Ride is best known for extravagant pimp overs of beat-up cars owned by deserving auto enthusiasts, Xzibit reveals that he personally prefers to keep his collection practical. His personal collecting rule dictates the he can only own two vehicles at any time — a car and a truck. He started with the truck by purchasing a Hummer H2 when it first came out. He consulted with his MTV team at West Coast Customs and upgraded from measly 24″ rims to monster truck tires.

But the Hummer is nothing compared to his latest ride, his 2005 Bentley Continental GT. “This is my latest purchase,” Xzibit gushes discussing his $150,000 performance car. “I’ve always wanted one and now I can finally afford to get one. I absolutely love this car.” Xzibit has no plans to change a thing on the GT as he affirms it is already pimped out.

“Today, the automotive landscape is being shaped by the habits of pop idols,” said Tom duPont, Publisher of Celebrity car. “Celebrities like Xzibit define American car culture directly influencing buying and collecting trends like never before. These personalities also set the tone for automotive aftermarket accessories and customizing, which in turn helps to drive automotive design in new and interesting directions.”

The Summer Issue of Celebrity car profiles former Secretary of State and confirmed car guy Colin Powell who drove the pace car at the Indianapolis 500. The issue also showcases the extraordinary collection of Super Middleweight Champ Jeff “Left Hook” Lacey and the wildly customized “Rollscalade” of New York Knicks star Stephon Marbury, among others.

Via PRNewswire

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