Actor Lamont Bentley Dies In Car Crash

Popular sit-com actor Lamont Bentley was killed in a car crash according to his manager as cited in various sources. Bentley died Tuesday night when his vehicle reportedly plunged off of a San Diego Freeway. He was the only person in the vehicle.

Bentley’s name may not have been exceedingly popular but his face was; starring as ‘Hakeem’ in the long running UPN sitcom Moesha, Bentley was in many ways the funny man and comic relief of the show. He also played roles in movies such as “Tales From The Hood”, “South Central”, “The Wash”, and even played the late Tupac Shakur in a made for television movie about the life and times of MC Hammer.

Bentley was born October, 25th 1973 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. His career in acting started when his mother, an aspiring singer, moved to the Los Angeles area.

(Photo By Getty Images)

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