UrbanMecca.com ‘Wires Up’ With HBO star Jamie Hector

UrbanMecca.com hooked up (or should we say ‘wired up’) with Jamie Hector, a newcomer to the popular HBO series “The Wire” for a short Q&A session. Jamie portrays a character named “Marlo Stansfield”, a young up and coming street dealer who makes a noticeable dent into the ongoing operations of the incumbent ‘corner’ ruling faction of the Barksdale crew.

We spoke with Jamie shortly before the season finale of the show…..

UrbanMecca: First off Jamie, I’d like to thank you for your time. I was unable to find a lot of information about you out there so I’ll first ask you some basic questions….
Jamie: “OK”

UrbanMecca: Where are you from?
Jamie: “I’m from Brooklyn..that’s where I grew up…mainly the FlatBush and Crown Heights area”

UrbanMecca: How old are you?
Jamie: “I’m 20 plus” (laughs)

UrbanMecca: Let’s talk about “The Wire”…Is this your most notable role? Do you get recognized more now while walking down the street?
Jamie: “This is my first nationally recurring television role. I’ve had smaller appearances on a number of shows like “Law and Order” and “Third Watch” but this is definitely the most extensive exposure that I’ve had….and YES I do get recognized on the street a lot more…mostly by guys, especially in New York, who are big fans of the show”

UrbanMecca: How did you get the role, was the audition process hard?
Jamie: “They (HBO) held an open casting call for the role. They interviewed about 175 actors and couldn’t find anyone. They needed someone with the right look that had sort of a street edge. I interviewed last minute for the part but they liked me. I was working real soon after my audition. It all went down very fast”

UrbanMecca: Let’s talk about your character Marlo. This guy is pretty intense. Some of my friends call him the up to date ‘Nino Brown’ in many ways. (laughs from Jamie) Did you have to study to get into this role?
Jamie: I did a lot of research…..I read up on the way some people on the streets think. I do a lot of research on every role that I take. Also, in the morning, I would wake up really early like 5 to 6am and I would focus to really get into the character…once on the set i just let it go.

UrbanMecca: Were you a Wire fan before you got the role?
Jamie: “I sure was. When i first saw it…I was like wow!! It was really the best show on tv from the beginning. I watched the first two seasons. I enjoy the working with all the actors on the show.”

UrbanMecca: Marlo seems to be in a lot of trouble with a lot of people. Will he live to see another season?
Jamie: “Haa!! — you willl find out on Sunday!!!” (Update: Jamie’s character survived a planned suicide attempt which never took place since it was thwarted by police – we can only hope that Jamie’s character’s storyline continues in the next season of “The Wire”)

UrbanMecca: Tell us about your latest projects? What are you working on?
Jamie: “I’ve been working on two feature films…You can find me in a movie called “MVP” which also stars N’Bushe Wright. I think everyone will enjoy it.

I’m also in a independent film called “Brooklyn Bound”. It was shot in Fort Green projects. It tells the story of the life and struggles of a young kid growing in up in the projects. It’s been shown at the Tribeca Film Festival and a lot of other film fests around the country. I think that a lot of people like it.”

UrbanMecca: Do you have an official website or fansite?
Jamie: Not yet but fans can check me out on HBO.com…that’s the best place for now

UrbanMecca: Tell us a little about Jamie? Are you single?
Jamie: No, I’m not..I’m in a relationship.

UrbanMecca: All of this stardom and you have a girlfriend?!?
Jamie: “I’m very glad to be with the one I’m with. They’re real….You never know whose real once you blow up…God has a plan for me you know what i mean? I’m more about loyalty than anything else.”

UrbanMecca: What do you do for fun?
Jamie: “I read a lot of books and study literature. I also study martial arts, i see a lot of films, and i like to kick it with my friends. I watched the Knicks last night. I’m basically just living life you know…I’m enjoying this journey.”

UrbanMecca: What’s in your cd player right now?
Jamie: “Romeo…I’m feeling him. I like Juelz Santana, Nas, and Jay Z. I pop that Kanye West into my CD every now and then. Oh, and I’ve really been feeling Talib Kweli also…I’ve been meaning to pick up his CD. I’ve got to rep Brooklyn. I also like light jazz to relax.”

UrbanMecca: What advice do you have for other young aspiring actors?
Jamie: STUDY!!…..there are a lot of people that don’t study for their roles….you have to be more about business. I was kicking it with a director friend of mine and he told me the same thing about actors. People respect you more when they know you’ve done your homework. You have to know what you are doing when you step in that room to audition. Also, people should know that acting requires a lot of travel…you need to have your head on straight and be about the business more than anything else.

UrbanMecca: Who do you look up to in the acting world if anyone?
Jamie: “There is so much talent out there…I can’t knock it down to just one..

I would have to say my favorites are Don Cheadle, Denzel Washington, and Daniel Day-Lewis.”

UrbanMecca: Jamie, we really appreciate you taking the time out to speak with us and I hope that we can speak to you again in the near future as your career progresses. We wish you all the best.
Jamie: Definitely, that’s not a problem. Thank You and God Bless.

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