Our Weekly: New African American Publication to Launch in Southern California

OUR WEEKLY, LLC OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA. Our Weekly, a new weekly newspaper dedicated to the African American communities of Los Angeles will hit the streets in January 2005. The new paper, headed by Natalie Cole and David Miller, is located in South Los Angeles. Our Weekly is a free publication with a circulation of 50,000. The distribution strategy is a two prong approach which includes both a home and retail distribution network. OW will distribute door to door in Ladera, Baldwin Hills, Windsor Hills, View Park, Leimert Park, LaFayette Park Square, North Inglewood, Mid-City and surrounding communities. The paper will also distribute through convenience stores, grocery stores, and various retail & service outlets throughout the community.

Necessity being the mother of invention, Our Weekly was born out of the need for a news source that directly addresses the topics and issues facing African Americans and their communities. “The evolution of Our Weekly is a classic example of discovering a need that has gone unfulfilled and developing a plan of action to fulfill that need,” said Natalie Cole, owner and CEO of the new venture. “The Los Angeles African American community has been tragically underserved in terms of news sources whose content meet our needs. Our Weekly will fill that void and address this powerful niche market head on.” After an initial local press release December 2nd, Our Weekly immediately began generating significant interest throughout the Los Angeles market. Cole has already started fielding calls for statements and interviews from Editor & Publisher, Los Angeles Business Journal and KCET, among others.

Dedicated to delivering accurate, relevant and trustworthy news stories from an ethnic and community perspective, Our Weekly will feature coverage at the local, state and national levels that is important to African Americans and the communities in which they live. Content will include news, lifestyle sections, health, wellness, art, entertainment, business, careers, education, real estate and a comprehensive classified section. The company will also be heavily involved in neighborhood and area events, working to be a force for empowering and improving the communities it serves.

Our Weekly’s newly assembled management team is composed of former senior managers from The Los Angeles Times, L.A. Weekly, L.A. Daily News, The Los Angeles Wave and Recycler Classifieds. They bring over 65 years of combined publishing experience to the new organization, but most importantly, they all share a singular vision of uniting the Los Angeles African American communities by providing a resource designed specifically for them and committed to their needs.

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