African American Small Businesses Benefit From New Online Advertising Program, a technology company which publishes and represents high traffic niche websites to streamline the media buying process, has officially released a new product to help small businesses that target African Americans via the internet. “The service gives small business owners ‘big budget style’ advertising exposure across dozens of websites that over-index for reaching African American audiences”, says Carmen Adams – Director of Product Development at

“We spoke with many small business merchants about their existing online advertising efforts. Many of them were spending hundreds of dollars per month on pay-per-click campaigns or from advertising on other websites which gave them little to no return on traffic, sales, or branding given their investments”, says Adams. “Our new service allows small business owners to buy into our unsold ad inventory at a very low rate and gives them the kind of exposure that has been largely barred from them due to cost reasons”. Small business merchants who opt into this program are coded into a ‘place-holder’ account which allows their ads to show when no larger date (or media flight) sensitive ad campaigns exist. The ads run on a growing network of over 100 websites which includes two very notable names in the African American internet landscape: and

The company has been beta testing the product with 15 merchants for the last 90 days with measured success. Every participant has recorded a spike in traffic, sales, and referrals.

“I’m very impressed with the traffic that my site has received thus far through this program”, says artist Ken Joslin – who sales original artwork through his website ( “I called a few other large African American sites and was quoted rates in the thousands of dollars range to even advertise for a month. I’m getting a lot of good responses since starting with this service”.

The program also provides a bi-monthly newsletter which keeps each company abreast of internet marketing news that may directly impact their business. “We are happy to recommend other services which will also help these companies to succeed” says Adams. “Our price point will never prohibit them from continuing with the other programs which they may be using…we believe that our service will become a staple add-on for any online small business that directly targets African Americans on the internet”. The company also has a strong web design referral network and helps minority entrepreneurs to get their businesses online.

The program is being released to the public on October 18th, 2004. Information regarding the program can be found on the company’s official website:

About is a technology company which publishes and represents high traffic niche websites to streamline the media buying process. The company’s current network consists of over 100 participating sites, all of which directly target African American and those interested in Black or Urban content online. The company directly represents advertising opportunities on high volume websites such as (formally known as which the company acquired and re-branded under the name ‘UrbanMecca’) and, the Electronic Urban Report owned by legendary syndicated radio show host Lee Bailey. The advertising network combined with the volume from UrbanMecca and places the company in a premiere light with advertisers and their respective agencies who want to target African Americans via the internet.

Source: BWN, llc

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