Drug Helps Blacks Digest Lactose Foods, Dairy

According to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, 73 percent of African Americans are lactose intolerant, but now there is a remedy that is 94 percent effective – Digestive Advantage.

A George Mason University study shows Digestive Advantage provides 24-hour protection from symptoms such as gas, diarrhea, bloating and constipation with just one dose per day.

Typical lactase enzyme treatments require a dose prior to eating dairy products. Individuals using Digestive Advantage in the study noted no consumption limits, that is, they were able to eat as much ice cream, pizza, cheese and milk as desired.

Approximately 30 million people in the United States are lactose intolerant.

Digestive Advantage is a patent-pending formulation of lactase enzymes and bacteria that are missing from the digestive systems of individuals who are intolerant and are necessary for the digestion of many foods such as fruit, meat and bread.

Digestive Advantage, an over-the-counter product manufactured by Ganeden Biotech, Inc. is the first product to successfully incorporate lactic acid bacteria.
The benefits of products using lactic acid bacteria have been long known; however, to date no commercial product has been introduced using it because it is inherently unstable.
The product is available at major pharmacy chains such as Walgreen’s, Eckerd’s, Meijer, CVS.com and Drugstore.com. You can request a free 8-day sample by visiting the Digestive Advantage™ LI web site and completing the sample request form.

The Cleveland-based, biotechnology company Ganeden Biotech is the first to overcome the manufacturing, stability and delivery challenges that previously inhibited widespread commercial use of lactic acid bacteria as a treatment for lactose intolerance and other digestive disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome.

Dr. Kenneth Alibek, the executive director of George Mason University’s National Center for BioDefense and chairperson of Ganeden Biotech’s outside Scientific Advisory Committee noted, “Individuals whom I would call ‘bowel cripples’ are now leading normal lives.”

About Ganeden Biotech, Inc.
Ganeden Biotech, Inc. is a Cleveland, Ohio-based healthcare company engaged in the discovery, development, and commercialization of therapeutic products based on the unique properties of lactic acid producing bacteria. Ganeden, whose product can be found in over 20,000 drugstores in the United States is currently selling Digestive Advantage™ LI for lactose intolerance, Digestive Advantage™ IBS for irritable bowel syndrome, Digestive Advantage™ IBD for Crohn’s and Colitis and Clearly Confident® Fungus Treatment for Nails.

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