VH1 Explores 30 Years of Hip Hop Culture

Cable television channel VH1 will kick off an all encompassing five-part series which explores the emergence of hip hop music and culture starting on October 4th, 2004.

The show covers Hip Hop from its obscure origins in the streets and nightclubs of the South Bronx to the phenomenon that it is today. The week long history lesson culminates with a tribute show which honors key hip hop pioneers. The list of honorees includes controversial rap group Public Enemy (whose hype man Flava Flav now stars on VH1’s Reality Show: The Surreal Life), DJ Hollywood, KRS-One (the teacher), Run DMC (the Kings of Rock), The Rock Steady Crew, Sugarhill Gang, and the late Tupac Shakur. The show’s executive producer, Russell Simmons, wanted to make sure that today’s generation received and in-depth history lesson about the lesser-known but still important pioneers who ignited the movement which has grown into a lifestyle.

Dozens of recording industry legends from the Hip Hop community turned out for the show on October 3rd, 2004. In addition to the honorees, you’ll be able see the faces of icons such as Special Ed, Whodini, Dana Dane, Ice T, and many others as the cameras pan the audience. Current heavyweights on the Hip Hop scene also participated in the show including P. Diddy and rapper Nas who treats audiences to a special performance along with his father.

The show is scheduled to air to national audiences on Tuesday, October 12th at 9pm eastern.

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