Hip Hop Heavywieghts Continue Voter Campaign With National Bus Tour

In a national effort to increase youth voter turnout in the upcoming presidential election on November 2nd, the Hip-Hop Summit Action Network (HSAN) and America Coming Together (ACT) are launching a month-long 10-state Hip-Hop Team Vote GOTV Tour on October 1 from Washington, D.C.

In the wake of an unprecedented increase in youth voter registration, particularly in urban and minority communities in states that are predicted to be determinative in the outcome of the election, two tour buses with hip-hop celebrities, artists, DJs and activists will travel for the next 33 days through 26 cities in 10 states to mobilize young voters. The Hip-Hop Team Vote GOTV Tour is styled after the Freedom Rides of the 1960s, where young people got on the bus to challenge the denial of the right to vote.

The Hip-Hop Team Vote GOTV Tour is being made possible by the support of America Coming Together (ACT).

“During the last three years, more than 12 million young people have registered to vote,” emphasized Dr. Benjamin Chavis, President/CEO of HSAN. “It is our goal to make sure more than 20 million young voters actually go out to the polls in record numbers on November 2nd.”

About the Hip-Hop Summit Action Network (HSAN) and America Coming Together (ACT):


Founded in 2001 by Chairman Russell Simmons and President/CEO Dr. Benjamin Chavis, the Hip-Hop Summit Action Network (HSAN) is a non-profit, non-partisan national coalition of artists, entertainment industry leaders, education advocates, civil rights proponents and youth leaders united in the belief that the “hip-hop” phenomena is an enormously influential agent for social change which must be responsibly and pro-actively utilized to fight the war on poverty and injustice.


Unprecedented in scale and strategy, ACT is building the largest voter mobilization effort in the history to elect progressive candidates to federal, state and local offices in November.

For more information on the Hip-Hop Team Vote GOTV Tour, go to www.hsan.org or www.act04.com.

Source: Press Release, Jody L. Miller

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