Roy Jones Jr. Loses Second Fight In A Row

Roy Jones jr., once dubbed as the ‘pound for pound’ best fighter in the sport of boxing, was knocked out for a second consecutive time during a title match on September 25th in Memphis, Tennessee. The match was stopped in the 9th round when Glen Johnson, the current light heavy weight champion, landed a stunning blow that sent Jones jr. crashing to the canvas.

Glen Johnson surprisingly exploded on Jones jr. from the start of the match in round one. Roy Jones jr. found himself constantly on the ropes defending an on-going barrage of attacks from Johnson. Many thought that Johnson was going to tire out and couldn’t maintain the awesome pace that he started which obviously threw Jones jr. off of his normal routine. The champ not only kept up a strong momentum but also ended the fight with a devastating blow which laid the challenger, Jones jr., out flat on the canvas in the 9th round. Johnson was also in the lead on all judge scorecards when the fight was stopped.

This loss possibly knocks out any chances of seeing a Jones-Tarver III which many boxing fans were hoping to see even before this comeback fight. Antonio Tarver, who was the first boxer to ever knock out Jones jr., was amongst the attendees for this match.

Roy Jones jr. is 35 years old and has been fighting for roughly 25 years according to his trainer. His trainer also stated that any plans for retirement would be discussed privately between him and Jones jr. Glen Johnson stated that he is ready for his next fight and would take on any challengers.

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