UrbanMecca Interviews Lamon Brewster

Who is Lamon Brewster?

It’s not a weird question to be honest. The world of heavyweight boxing is going through a slow generational change. The older heavyweights are slowly disappearing from the mainstream and new names are emerging. Rising to the top of the new entrants is Lamon Brewster, the World Boxing Organization’s (WBO) Heavyweight Champion. Brewster won the heavyweight championship on April 10th, 2004 after defeating Ukranian Wladimir Klitschko and he successfully defended his title last week on September 4th against Kali “Checkmate” Meehan.

We were able to sit down with Lamon for a short Q&A session about his most recent match and more:

UM: “Mr. Brewster….first off – I’d like to congratulate you on your recent victory last week”

LB: “Thank You”

UM: “Let’s jump right in….You won your last fight by arguably a slim victory…Did you take this fight seriously? and was it hard fighting someone that you viewed as a friend?”

LB: “Well the answer to the first question is yes — I did take the fight seriously. But I wasn’t emotionally attached to the fight so I wasn’t able to pull out that killer instinct on Meehan”

UM: “We’ve read that you were injured in your last fight, could you talk a little bit about those injuries and how you are doing now?”

LB: “Yes…I was slightly injured…my eardrum was slightly perforated and I have a hairline fracture to my cheek.”

UM: “Does this knock back your next fight?”

LB: “Yes, most likely to January. It will most likely be against (Evander) Holyfield”

UM: “Let’s talk about that fight. What are your opinions of Holyfield?…Do you see him as a challenge in his older years?”

LB: “Its a rite of passage to fight Evander Holyfield. Everyone that has become a world champion has fought an old great fighter. I look at it as a passing of the torch.
Nevertheless old age and treachery can come into play. Evander is still a phenomenal fighter despite his age”

UM: “Chris Byrd mentioned that he really wanted to see the belts united….Do you want to see the same thing in your division?”

LB: “Absolutely, I think thats what the people deserve and it’s what everyone wants to see. This is also one of my goals”

UM: “What would be your dream-fight to have from any era?”

LB: “Hmmm…I think that I would have to say either Muhammad Ali or Larry Holmes…I don’t think that it could get much better than those two (chuckles)”

UM: “Your wife looked a little concerned from the sidelines in your last fight. How does she feel about your boxing career”?

LB: “This is my lifelong dream — she is ok with it …she definitely supports what i do; naturally she doesnt want me to get hurt. There is always a level uncertainty and danger in any fight but you just have to do what you have to do and hope it works out for the best”

UM: “You have 2 kids right?”

LB: “Actually three…two from my wife and one from a previous relationship. I have two girls and a boy.”

UM: “If your kids wanted a career in boxing…would you let them?”

LB: “No…I wouldnt allow them going into boxing. I’m doing what i do so they don’t have to box. I want them all to pursue a good education and to have a career where they use their minds and not their fists”

UM: What kind of music do you listen to and who is your favorite recording artist?

LB: “I listen to all types of music … i grew up in the rap era. I’m definitely into rap…Petey Pablo first comes to mind as a favorite right now.”

UM: “Whats your personal hobbies besides boxing?”

LB: “I love playing chess — I’m a chess junkie.. any game that makes me think — I love to do”

UM: “Lamon…is it pronounced Laymon or LahMon”

LB: “Lamon like Lay-mon”

UM: “Lamon…thanks for spending some time with UrbanMecca.com….

LB: “There is one more thing that I want to say….never let anyone stop you from your dreams..I never let anyone stop me from my dream….and now im heavyweight champion of
the world

I just wanted to say that to the members of UrbanMecca.com and anyone who may read my article…thats it”

UM: “Lamon…I want to truly thank you for taking the time to talk with UrbanMecca.com. We hope that you’ll grant us another interview after you’ve defended your title a few more times and won’t forget about us”

LB: “Definitely…Just give me a call”

UM: “Thanks Again for your time and good luck with the Holyfield fight”

LB: “Thanks”

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